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Re: Gnome does not create windows automatically

I use "gdm" to login to gnome and I guess it is the gnome window manager, right ?


Vineet Kumar wrote:

* Hamid (mylists@spils.com) [030602 15:03]:

After installing gnome2.2 and logging into itm I have a problem.
I have to specify the locations of the gnome panel, desktop and other windows in order to start gnome !!!, i.e. it shows a shadow of a window and then I have to move the mouse around and click to place the winodw on the screen.
And they have an ugly green low resolution title bar.

Sounds like you're probably using a non-gnome-compliant window manager.
Placing windows is your window manager's job, and whichever one you're
using is configured for "manual" placement, in which the user places the
windows.  A compliant window manager would respond to the "hints" given
by the gnome applications on where to be placed, and to not use window
manager decorations (i.e. title bars) for them.  Just try switching your
WM and you should be okay.

good times,

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