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Re: Dumb Newbie KDE Pager Question

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rightclick on the top bar of the window (or on the taskbar icon) there
should be an option saying "to desktop"

Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 09:46:20AM -0400, RB wrote:
>>How do I move a window from one desktop to another in the KDE pager?
>>I come from FVWM2, where you click and drag the little window in the
> Here's how I do it... in kcontrol, go into Desktop, then Window
> Behavior.
> Under the Advanced tab, in the Active Desktop Borders, select "Only
> when moving windows" or "Always enabled".
> The difference between the two?
> * Only when moving windows - If you drag a window to the edge of the
>   screen, after the delay you set passes that you stay on the edge of
>   the screen, it pops over to the next desktop that direction.
> * Always enabled - You can move between desktops when you're not
>   dragging a window.
> I hope this helps.

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