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XFS quotas won't turn on

Running Woody with a vanilla 2.4.20 kernel + SGI XFS patch. I've used
quotas before, but not with XFS. So maybe I'm missing something...

The man pages say that to activate quotas on a root XFS filesystem, you
simply do "quotaon -v /".  But if I do that, I get "quotaon: quotactl()
on /dev/hda1: function not implemented".  I have XFS quotas configured
in the kernel, and they are reported in dmesg.  The help for that option
says that generic CONFIG_QUOTA support is not required, but I've tried
that too. The mount man page claims that "quota" is a valid xfs mount
option, but remounts fail with a bad option error.  I also tried
rebuilding the quota package from the source deb.  Same deal.

I must be missing something obvious...


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