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Re: Setting Mailto handler for galeon/gnome2 in sid

Neilen <brick@adept.co.za> writes:
> I'm running sid.  I use galeon as webbrowser, and evolution as a
> mailclient.  I'd like galeon to use evolution to handle mailto: URLs.
> If I click on a mailto, it says "Galeon can't handle this protocol, and
> no default gnome handler has been defined", or at least something very
> similar.
> This led me to look in the gnome preferences panel for a mailto handler
> setting, but I could'nt find it.
> How can I get this to work then? I don't remember this being a problem
> when I used Gnome 1.4 a while ago, but unfortunately I don't have the
> old setup anymore.

I do something similar, but my MUA is emacs+gnus. Anyway, crank open
Nautilus and go to "applications:///Preferences/Advanced" and click on
the "File types and programs". In there go to "Internet Services" and
"Add Service". Put anything you want in the "Description" and put
"mailto" in the Protocol and then add the path specification to your
MUA (Evolution in your case) under "Program". That should do it.

Obvious as the nose on a fish ain't it? Problem with Gnome, for me,
has been finding out stuff like this. I certainly couldn't find it in
any Gnome help document, at least when I last looked. Had to do what
you did and ask around.


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