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Re: upgrade to testing messed up lilo


This may be caused because files such as /boot/boot.b /boot/boot-menu.b are 
deprecated in newer versions of LILO and may conflict with previous LILO

Please refer to LILO documentation at /usr/share/doc/lilo/README.common.problems

The most important thing to note is the following:

-- snip --
Problem:  When I boot, all I get is 'LI'
This means the first-stage loader gained control; it thought it success-
fully loaded the second-stage loader; but it never got there.  This most
often occurs when the second-stage loader, '/boot/boot.b', is not load-
able using the BIOS.

First, have you tried specifying 'lba32' in your 'lilo.conf' file?  On
newer systems, this will almost always work, since the loader will now
use the newer EDD packet calls, which are not cylinder-limited.
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Sharninder Singh-662 <Sharninder.Singh-662@ushacomm.co.in> writes:

> hi all,
> i'd been running a stable system (my mail server) since a long time without
> any problems. yesterday i got a little adventorous and decided to upgrade it
> to testing. did the usual apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade. everything
> went on fine but after the install, squirrelmail would'nt take my passwords
> at all. i checked up and everything seemed fine and so i decided to reboot
> just for the heck of it. after the reboot the machine displayed LI only and
> refused to go beyond that. i wonder what's wrong. during the upgrade it did
> show some questions about lilo and i did everything right and ran /sbin/lilo
> and it updated the boot sector fine. don't know what's wrong here now.
> -- 
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