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virtual servers vs dedicated servers


I am just wondering if anyone has any advice on hosting using virtual dedicated servers. I have found a few companies that offer this service and am curious as to how it compares to dedicated servers in terms of performance. I see that most of them offer RedHat as the OS although Aktiom Networks offers a choice of Debian or Redhat and JohnCompanies notes that you can run debian in a chroot environment on there Redhat based virtual servers. We are building a midgard based content management system for our website and I am currently looking for hosting options for this. The system is being built and tested on a debian system and I would like to run the finished system on a debian box. Initially we thought that we would have to go with a dedicated server but as our site is not that huge, we had a max of about 6 Gig of uploads in our biggest month. The new midgard cms runs on a mysql backend so there will probably make a reasonably demand on system resources but I wouldn't think that that amount of traffic would result in it making full use of a dedicated server so I thought that it might be worth considering a virtual private server. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with running a database driven website on a virtual dedicated server and could offer any advice concerning hosting companies and whether this option is worth considering over a dedicated server.

Thanks for any advice

The Wilderness Society, Sydney

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