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Re: horse at the gate

> Are there any basic text based tools, like old DOS file managers, for
> navigation or inspection?  (I'm trying not to think like DOS, but it's
> my native language and I'd like to start without any graphical interface.)

mc is the app u r looking for.

> When wandering around how can I distinguish filetypes?  Is there a good
> reference?

file <filename>

> Looking at a file (eg 'vi -R /etc/profile'), I'm assuming this is a
> What's a good reference fot translating this stuff?

man bash

> I've been using 'man' as much as I can relate, but my understanding is
> this is not the most up to date source on a lot of things.

info <command name>

> I'm working through a few tutorials but what I'm looking for is reference
> material not tutorials.


> Thank you

my pleasure ...

> Mada


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