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Re: Knoppix ISO image is 715MB - How Do I burn it ?

 --- Al Dykes <adykes@panix.com> escribió: > I just downloaded that latest
knoppix image and tried
> to burn it. I can't because it's in excess of 700 MB
> and my burning software complains.  
> The ISO image is 716MB and all the CDR media I find is
> 700MB, max.  I've burned knoppix images before. 
> Am I missing something ?

If you are referring to the KNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-05-20-EN.iso
(md5sum: 4a8a34b040b653a9d102f1036827466a), then the size is actually
716586 KB.  716586/1024 = 699.8, making the ISO just shy of 700 MB.

Trust me it works.  I have burned three or four times already for some
friends who were interested in it.


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