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Re: nvidia video cards

Kevin McKinley wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> >   wget
> >   wget
> wgetting the tarballs is no longer necessary; NVIDIA now allows them to be
> distributed.
> When you install the Debian nvidia packages, the tarballs are put in
> /usr/src.

Only if you don't care which version you get.  See in my message my
description of problems with the current version at the time of my
last installation.  There does not seem to be any other way of
specifying a specific older version such as I have done here unless
you wget them first.  Therefore I had to wget 2880 in order to specify
that version which was a known working one for me.

And I dug up the details on which version was really bad for me.  The
nVidia version 4191 was the driver version that caused me all kinds of
trouble from a few months ago.  It had display corruption problems.
Reverting to the older known good version fixed the problem.  Since
the current version is now 4363 which is several builds beyond the one
giving me fits I will assume they have likely fixed that problem.  So
the current one is probably going to be just fine for people.


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