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Courier-imap setup problem: Maildir not found?

I'm trying to setup a courier-imap server on a machine running debian stable
(woody) 3.0r1
(I need a IMAP server for setting up a webmail program I'm trying to deploy)

I've apt-get courier-imap, and it installed fine... When I try to connect to
it through a mail client (for instance, outlook express) I get an error
This message says something like "The server says no Maildir found". (I will
post the exact message later, but it seems to be created by OE, and not
something returned by the server. The server seems to return a numeric error

So, the install process of courier-imap seems buggy, but I guess it is
specific to some condition I have, since I see no bug report or thread about
these issues. What do I need to do to get this working?

I had a standart server installed, wich, if I'm not mistaken, has exim doing
smtp and pop3. I then added courier-imap.
I can send messages to users, and I can read them with a local client
(mutt). I find no "Maildir" folder anywhere. I added an user account after
installing courier-imap, but I also can't find maildir folders there.
The goal would be to have qmail handling smtp, courier handling imap, and a
ldap directory somewhere in the middle... but I will be happy just by having
courier doing imap...

Joao Clemente
Inesc-ID - Portugal

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