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Re: more problems because of this testing mess

On Fri, 30 May 2003 17:54:21 -0400
Travis Crump <pretzalz@techhouse.org> wrote:
>Chris Metzler wrote:
>> .. . .which are not depended on by anything in testing.  I don't know
>> why libparted1.4 and libparted1.6 are both in testing right now,
>> because libparted1.4 looks like it isn't used by anything in testing,
>> and actually conflicts with the version of parted that's currently
>> in testing.  Maybe someone else can explain that.  But in the
>> meantime, I would think that it should be safe to remove it, which I
>> guess was what you tried to do next:
> It's not in testing:

Ah, thanks.  I'd checked the packages search webpage, which is still
showing it in there (as of 1821 EDT anyway):


It must not have updated yet for some reason.  If its removal/replacement
was recent, I wonder if the OP got caught by updating the package cache
in the middle of the change or something like that.

Thanks for the heads-up.


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