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Re: blocking icmp...

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On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 09:13:30AM -0600, Gary Hennigan wrote:
> I was on @Home for about a month. Anyway, blocking ICMP is the least
> of my worries if I have to talk to support. Next time, for fun, call
> your support line and tell them you're running an OpenBSD firewall
> that's connected to your cable modem and prepare for, if you're lucky,
> a profound silence. In most situations I'd expect to hear "that's not
> supported". In general, if I have to talk to support I swap
> cables in my wiring closet and hook my Win2k box up directly to my
> cable modem and then call support.

The way I've always handled it has been, "I'm not running Windows, but
I'm willing to give what you tell me a shot.  Here's what I've tried
so far..."  Usually after a few seconds of bargaining, I can convince
them that I'm not asking for a diaper change like the rest of thier
customers and I'm willing to do the bulk of the work, I'm just using
them for a fresh perspective since they might have something to try
that I don't.  I don't call into tech support often, but when I do,
I've experienced about a one in three chance of getting someone like
me who has the knowledge outside the Winmac world and finds it easier
to apply it than recite the company line.

> Best idea: Use any and all tools at your disposal for security,
> *including* obscurity.

Yes, but don't let obscurity contradict the standards.

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