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Re: GUI Login and Gnome/KDE Problems

In article <pan.2003.> you wrote:

> I am attempting to migrate from RedHat to Debian.  I just can not take 
> living in "dependency hell" anymore, and keeping it updated is almost as
> expensive as the product from Redmond. 

I made the same switch recently.

> My questions:

> 1.  What is the mechanism used to select between Gnome and KDE as the 
> default window environment?  Specifically, how do I select one or the 
> other?  In RedHat, there is a Desktop Switching Tool which does this 
> for the user (a tool called switcher).  I have not found a Debian 
> equivalent.  Does one exist?  If not, what needs to be done to pick one 
> or the other?

You should be able to select this from a display manager menu, i.e. at the 
login prompt.

> 2.  When first installed, Debian uses a GUI login.  I have never used one, 
> don't know why I want one, and can think of lots of reasons why I don't 
> want one.  I have not found a way to eliminate this.  In RedHat, all 
> that is necessary is a simple change in /etc/inittab:

> I understand the default run-level in Debian is 2, not 3, so the correct 
> line should read:

> Well, it does, but I still get the GUI login.  This is simple and very 
> straightforward.  I not sure what to do in Debian.

Debian doesn't use a separate runlevel for X by default. You could make it
more similar to RH if you want to, but that may be more trouble than it's
worth. If I didn't want a graphical login, I'd just remove all links to 
xdm, gdm, and kdm in /etc/rc2.d.

> 3.  I usually use Gnome.  Currently, it will not allow root to log in.  

> How do I change this to something appropriate for an ADULT? 

I can't imagine why you'd ever want to login to GNOME as root, but if you
really want to, try editing the config file of your display manager 
(under /etc/X11/gdm for gdm, or /etc/X11/xdm for xdm, or someplace else 
for kdm, dunno where).



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