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Re: dhclient testing

In article <memo.20030527214446.65449L@sdownes.cix.co.uk>, 
sdownes@cix.co.uk (sdownes) wrote:

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> Hi Steve,
> I encountered this same problem just a few days ago with Woody/kernel 
> 2.4.20, although I'm ashamed to admit it didn't occur to me to check 
> the DHCP server logs on the gateway machine.    I don't know if the fix 
> I found will work for your scenario, but here's what I found with 
> kernel 2.4.20 and a Realtek 8139 ethernet device using the '8139too' 
> kernel module:
> Try using 'pump' to grab an IP address:
> pump -i eth0
> (Or eth1, or whatever interface you're trying to grab an IP for)
> This worked on my machine even when eth0 wasn't getting an address at 
> boot time.
> After some more usenet/mailing list searches I read that the 
> CONFIG_FILTER flag needs to be set to 'y' in the kernel '.config' file 
> in order for DHCP to work correctly upon boot.  I checked my .config 
> file, and sure enough CONFIG_FILTER wasn't set.  I set it to 'y', 
> recompiled, reinstalled the kernel package, and rebooted.  Eth0 grabbed 
> an IP address without a hitch!
> The usual caveats apply; YMMV, try this at your own risk, etc, but 
> CONFIG_FILTER=y did the trick for me.
> mt,
> -Andy
> On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 02:02 PM, sdownes wrote:
> > Just set up a new (to me) laptop. It finds its DNS over dhcp when 
> > booting
> > on a stable kernel but will not on kernel 2.4-20 (pentium classic) it 
> > is
> > issuing requests & the server is receiving them & according to its 
> > logs
> > replying correctly. But the client is not receiving the info. All 
> > hardware
> > the same on both kernels. ports are 67 68 as far as I can see.
> Andy,
> No - neither worked. & CONFIG_FILTER was set to y already.
> Thanks anyway
> Steve
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I am now finding that the new kernel (2.4.20) includes P&P & is changing 
the 3c509 settings from irq 10 addr 0x300 to irq 5 addr 0x220.

I am researching but so far without success. Anyone know how to either 
change the cards to fit the kernel or the kernel to fit the card?


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