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How to make DNS and DHCP server play nice?

Hi, all.  I have a debian box serving as my firewall/router/dhcp
server.  The dhcp does the job fine, except for dns.

I'd like to have dns lookups work correctly for my internal network.
So is there a simple means of having my dhcp clients being able to
have their names resolve to IP's easily (no or minimal config)?

I'm not currently running a DNS server but can put one in.  What I've
read of configuring bind so far makes it sound like a sizable
investment in time to get working what seems to me to be a pretty
basic and common desire.

I used to have a smoothwall until the box blew up.  At that point
I moved my old debian desktop into service as the router.  Smoothwall
uses dnrd as a forwarding dns proxy, but it didn't support
transferring in dhcp hostnames.

Any help is appreciated

Jerry Quinn

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