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Re: runlevels [was: fried(?) computer hangs on boot]

Kent West wrote:

So boot into single-user mode, or start Linux from the lilo prompt with something like:
   boot: linux single init=/bin/bash
   boot: linux -b
(see man init)
to start a minimalist system (-b = "emergency"), and see if the machine lasts for any length of time.

So far, it's been up a half hour or so, and it's still ok. I used 'linux single init=/bin/bash', btw. If the problem were time-dependent, it would've hung within 5 minutes of booting. So the problem is fs corruption, I think. Does that sound about right?

Then the hardware is probaby okay, and you've just got some file corruption or something similar. The "linux -b" option at the lilo prompt should allow you to then start running the startup scripts manually to find out which ones are causing you grief.

Phew, ok. As I'm booted now, can I manually get to runlevel 3 and run the scripts? I had to manually run the /etc/rcS.d scripts, but I'm not sure about changing runlevels. Is there anything special about runlevels that I can't tweak manually? Or do I just change runlevels by running the scripts for the runlevel and it'll take care of itself? I'm pretty sure that if I switch runlevels the *normal* way (through telinit/init), I can't run the scripts manually. Right?


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