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Re: Doubling 100MBit ethernet by splitting the cable

I've seen Gigabit over Cat5 (up to 100meters) pci cards for $29 each.
Don't know about linux drivers though.
You might not need a hub if there are only 2 computers
to connect.
There is an auto-crossover feature in Gigabit over

Running 2 100Mb cards in parallel may not share the load.
All might run through 1 card.

Grzegorz B. Prokopski wrote:

Long time ago I've read that 100mbit ethernet uses only 2 pairs
which leaves half of wires unused and thus when there's such a
need - these can be used to create second 100mbit connection
on the same cable (and connect second computer w/o the need of
another cable).

I've googled quite much and I am sure that's possible (with all
doubts that it's non-standard solution etc.) [0]. But I still
can't find good description (with images/asciiart preferred) of
how to do this exactly?

Thanks in advance

				Grzegorz B. Prokopski


PS: Getting an another cable is out of question here.
PSS: Please Cc: me on replies if you may. I am not on d-u.

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