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Re: blocking icmp...

On Sun, May 25, 2003 at 09:56:07PM +0800, Hanz wrote:
>In setting up a firewall will there be any negative side effects if i block
>Are there any services that depends on this? In my setup ill be running mail
>web server in a DMZ.

You don't want to block all types of icmp packets. You probably should
block the following types: 5 9 10 15 16 17 18. If you don't want your
firewall to be pinged, add type 8 to that list. Here is a list of the
various icmp types. For more info, apt-get install doc-iana.

Type    Name                                    Reference
----    -------------------------               ---------
  0     Echo Reply                               [RFC792]
  1     Unassigned                                  [JBP]
  2     Unassigned                                  [JBP]
  3     Destination Unreachable                  [RFC792]
  4     Source Quench                            [RFC792]
  5     Redirect                                 [RFC792]
  6     Alternate Host Address                      [JBP]
  7     Unassigned                                  [JBP]
  8     Echo                                     [RFC792]
  9     Router Advertisement                    [RFC1256]
 10     Router Solicitation                     [RFC1256]
 11     Time Exceeded                            [RFC792]
 12     Parameter Problem                        [RFC792]
 13     Timestamp                                [RFC792]
 14     Timestamp Reply                          [RFC792]
 15     Information Request                      [RFC792]
 16     Information Reply                        [RFC792]
 17     Address Mask Request                     [RFC950]
 18     Address Mask Reply                       [RFC950]
 19     Reserved (for Security)                    [Solo]
 20-29  Reserved (for Robustness Experiment)        [ZSu]
 30     Traceroute                              [RFC1393]
 31     Datagram Conversion Error               [RFC1475]
 32     Mobile Host Redirect              [David Johnson]
 33     IPv6 Where-Are-You                 [Bill Simpson]
 34     IPv6 I-Am-Here                     [Bill Simpson]
 35     Mobile Registration Request        [Bill Simpson]
 36     Mobile Registration Reply          [Bill Simpson]
 37     Domain Name Request                     [Simpson]
 38     Domain Name Reply                       [Simpson]
 39     SKIP                                    [Markson]
 40     Photuris                                [Simpson]
 41-255 Reserved                                    [JBP]

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