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Re: install debian without CD/Floppy

Hi Sharninder,
No floppy?
No CD?
That certainly limits your options!!
Can I assume you have some hard disk space and an internet connection?
The only advice would be to install slackware zipslack. It can be
started from a dos session. Although using a floppy would be easier. And
it doesnt need partitioning as it uses UMSDOS. You just download the
files, unzip then in the correct place, edit the linux.bat file to point
to your current ide partition and reboot to a dos session and run
linux.bat. or you could install lilo to boot NT or linux.
Other than that, can you get a floppy or CDROM?
On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 05:22, Sharninder Singh-662 wrote:
> hi all,
> i was just wondering wether there is some way to install debian on an NT box
> without a floppy or a CDROM drive. actually i just wanna know wether i can
> somehow run the installer from this box. this box has a net connection so
> maybe i could click on some link and get the installer running thtough the
> net or something
> sharninder
Kevin Mark <kmark@pipeline.com>

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