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R: 3.0r1 install fails on iptables_1.2.6a-5.386.deb

Same happened to me with the default base packages.
I have downloaded two times the .iso from different mirrors but same prob.
Second prob is also in the bf24 part ... the corrupted file is pppoe.



--> -----Messaggio originale-----
--> Da: William Appleton [mailto:wappleton@houston.rr.com]
--> Inviato: venerdì 23 maggio 2003 2.44
--> A: debian-user@lists.debian.org
--> Oggetto: 3.0r1 install fails on iptables_1.2.6a-5.386.deb
--> Howdy
--> I'm trying to install 3.0r1, and the install fails when trying
--> to install the
--> base packages.  Specifically, the installer emits errors on
--> iptables_1.2.6a-5.386.deb. The installer seems to think the
--> file is corrupt.
--> I've downloaded disk images via FTP as single .iso images and
--> also tried
--> creating images using jigdo.  The problem doesn't seem to be
--> with the disks
--> or the iso image.  Is this file actually corrupted in the
--> distro or am I
--> missing something (probably)?
--> tia

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