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Re: M$ licenses Unix

> On 20 May 2003 21:45:33 +0200,

> Which makes me just curiouser.  Where are the BSD's in all this?
> It seems that they're immune from the SCO suit.

immune perhaps only because SCO hasn't named them(yet)

until the evidence actually comes out as to what is in violation..
it's really impossible to tell.

I find it unlikely that IBM would have their AIX coders work on linux,
that would be pretty stupid, it is more likely that they hired new
people to work on the kernel and these folks had absolutely no access to
the AIX source code.

just because the functionality is the same doesn't mean the code was
copied, but that doesn't rule out patent violations, in which case
the BSDs could easily be in violation depending on what the hell in
linux is in violation.

my info may be out of date, if someone knows of where SCO has posted
specifics as to what is in violation lemme know please!


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