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nfs clients hanging on reboot/shutdown


I have several stock Debian woody clients using dhcp, and all connecting
to a redhat 8.0 nfs server (soon to be rebuilt using woody), they all
connect and boot fine, the problem arises when they try to either
shutdown or reboot the clients, it hangs on Deconfiguring Network
Interfaces, the output on the screen is as follows:

Unmounting remote filesystems: lockd_down: lockd failed to exit,
cleaning pid done.

Deconfiguring Network Interfaces: lockd: cannot unmonitor

failed to connect to localhost: bootpc: Operation now in progress done.

portmap host not responding...timeout

I've tried google and the man pages, and have found a few answers, but
they don't seem to fit to my situation, before these box's were running
Redhat 7.2 and SuSE 8.2 and nfs was working great for all of them, I
have since installed woody on them instead and now I'm getting this

It seems that maybe the order the services need to be shutdown should be
changed, as its stopping statd before the network is stopped, thus I
presume that its having trouble trying to contact the nfs server.

Any advise of help would be great.

Cheers in advance


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