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Re: your mail

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Mike M wrote:
> Putting encryption software on a CD and mailing it to someone you don't know 
> could be the first step in violating a federal law in some places on this 
> planet.   The person receiving the CD could forward it to a country that is 
> restricted from such software by the sender's country, making the original 
> sender a possible conspirator in this scenario.  The US has laws regarding 
> the export of encryption software.

But look on the bright side - you get a free trip to Cuba.  :)

Also, under the current administration, it seems that they spare you the 
trouble of finding a lawyer (since a US citizen does not 
have the right to an attorney, or even knowing that an attorney is
working on their case), they spare you the trouble of going to trial
(they won't actually charge you with anything), and they spare
your family members from the pain of knowing that you are arrested
(they won't tell anyone).

To be fair, this only happens in a small amount of cases (how many is 
hard to say, since the US gov't is not releasing numbers right now), and 
in most cases, you'll probably just be charged with some impressive
sounding charges in a federal court and get a huge amount of jail time
and/or fines.

Still, I'm pissed off that any citizen of the US can be held by the 
gov't indefinitely, without any charges, information, or access to a 


So, which countries would be the best to mail this from?  Probably one
of the countries hosting the non-us mirrors, I'd assume, unless they
distinguish network distribution and mail distribution.

~ Jesse Meyer

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