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Re: Odd problem compiling new kernel

On Wednesday 21 May 2003 3:34 pm, Jeremy wrote:
> I am compiling a new kernel for my system(I hosed my last system just after
> I got it working the way I wanted...to much damn tweaking :-)   )
> anyway. I am just compiling a new 2.4.20 kernel for my unstable system and
> I have always had the same settings, I know the settings I have are correct
> (I save a copy of the kernel config in my home partition)
> so anyhow, I get this:
> net/network.o(.text+0xddc7): In function `rtnetlink_rcv':
> : undefined reference to `rtnetlink_rcv_skb'

Im having the same problem. I looked through the source for where this 
function is referenced, but couldnt see any obvious problem


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