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Re: Debian vs Gentoo versatility (NOT PERFORMANCE)

#include <hallo.h>
* Marc Wilson [Mon, May 19 2003, 07:27:56PM]:

> > oh, just another thing I think of. nothing to do with the build system,
> > but why doesn't debian use decent default dependencies ? For example,
> > why isn't devfs part of the base system
> Because, among other things (a) lots of kernel developers don't like it,
> (b) it's still experimental in current kernels, (c) it's excessively
> confusing to just about everyone wrt device names.

When you talk about the current Stable, this is clearly wrong. We were
using kernel 2.2 for development (no devfs) and the boot-floppies
installer does not support devfs well.

> And (d)... it's just not necessary.  If you like it, use it, that's the

Wrong. It happens again and again that some weird device node has been
forgotten somewhere. Updating makedev and running it may be a solution,
but you have to get the major/minor numbers etc.


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