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Re: Bandwidth monitoring .. hints/tips & which tool?

Jonathan Matthews said:

> All traffic goes through an MS proxy server at this site (and
> traffic going that way is all we're concerned about at this juncture)  and
> then through a Cisco router on the way to the remote site.

setup the proxy server to log everything and use some log analysis package
to determine the usage. this is the most flexible way I think.

if MS proxy doesn't do this for some reason..setup squid and use
transparent proxy between the network and the MS proxy and do log
analysis with squid

or something

you can also do traffic accounting, ipac is the package I believe, or
ipac-ng for 2.4.x kernels. I have used ipac in the past and it worked
well, though it was only bandwidth to the IP level, no data for ports.

proxy log anaylsis would be best though.


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