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Re: installing DOS on a partition without destroying a partition of data

On Mon, 19 May 2003, Joerg Johannes wrote:

> On Sunday 18 May 2003 02:56, Kevin Mark wrote:
> > Any bootloader can boot dos.
> > the bootloader has nothing to do with the installation of the os
> > but the bootloader has to be configured after the os is installed.
> > if you have free space on your disk, just make a dos partition with
> > cfdisk, fdisk,etc. Pop in your dos book disk, format c: /s, and that
> > shoudl be it.
> But be careful: Dos and Windows need the C: partition to be the first 
> partition on the hd. If you have free disk space only in a logical partition, 
> you are kind of lost => You will have to repartition your hd.

Er, haven't done windows in a long time, but I remember getting windows 
to boot by using the Smart Boot Manager (SBM), which fits in the master 
boot record, and allows you to hide partitions.

Nifty boot manager, definately worth the download in my book.

~ Jesse Meyer

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