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Re: Making Debian Packages from tar ball files

Thanks for all the help

Benedict Verheyen wrote:

Nick Hastings <hastings@bmail.kek.jp> wrote:

* Hamid  [030516 14:24]:

How can one make a debian package from a tar ball source ?
For example, I have downloaded and installed "Downloader for X" ( http://www.krasu.ru/soft/chuchelo/files/d4x-2.4.1.tar.gz )
and now I want to install it on another Debian box.
Hmm, perhaps this is not such a good exmaple since d4x is already in
Debian :-)

The general answer is quite complicated. You could start by reading
the "New Maintainers' Guide"[1]

Or for a quick and horribly dirty solution make a tar ball of your
compiled binaries and convert it to a 3rd class .deb with alien (this
is by no means a recommended approach).


1. http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/

Another sollution that i've tried and looks good is to install "checkinstall".
This package checks what you do during the compilation of the source code and then makes a deb package (or rpm if you have to) of the source automagically.
You can then use this deb package to install so the program is known by dpkg.

As another user said, if you don't want anything automated, the Debian Maintainers Guide is the way to go.

This is a very good page describing in several steps what you need to do to create a deb package form source:

Kind regards,
Benedict Verheyen

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