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Re: Debian packagename equivalents.

> > I'm doing a cross installation of debian, and need to install ssh. I'm
> > told that it depends on zlib1g > 1:1.1.4. Problem is that zlib1g is
> > either a) obsolete and unavailable, or b) zlib1g's heightest version is
> > 1.1.4 and no higher version is available.
> > 
> Hmm, in that case you may have forgotten to do and apt-get update. You
> need to run "apt-get update" so that your machine knows what versions
> of packages are currently avaliable in the archives.

To follow up on my own message, my /etc/apt/sources.list was largely
wiped out. First, I had run:

  # apt-get install netselect wget

This installed netseletc and wget, and shows that my source.list was
at this point intact.  Then I ran:

  # cd /etc/apt; netselect-apt woody

It went through the motions to select among over 200 sitse, and I
thought no more of it. However, it actually cleaned out my brief
sources.list except for the security updates URL. When I put URL in
there useful for ordinary packages, I installed ssh2 without a
hitch. I reran the netselect, and this time it built a list for me.

Haines Brown

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