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Re: Howto write a debian CD

On Wed, 14 May 2003 02:29, Joris Huizer wrote:
> It seems the cdrom I burned is sort of working -
> allthough there are error messages;
> Is this a known problems with Debian CD images or
> something ?
> To me, it seems weird normal data CD's are no problem
> and Debian installation CD's are so much harder to
> burn correctly !

No they are not, they are just another data cd, but see below.

> I want to burn the cds on writable (not rewritable)
> cds, but as it seems things can go wrong, I hesitate
> to  try..

I'm guessing that you are trying to burn cdrom(s) from downloaded iso 
image(s). If so there are some preliminaries you must do first.

1. Is the image correct?
    Compare the md5sum of the iso against the published md5sum at mirror 
where you got the iso. If it differs do not worry too much, the fault can be 
corrected using rsync.

2. Once you have a known, correct iso, you need to determine that what you 
burned is the same as that source iso. The Debian Reference is your friend 
here, read this chapter carefully, and copy a test iso from your cdr(w) onto 
your hard drive.


Having done that copy, take its md5sum. That should match the "official" 
md5sum you got from the mirror.

FWIW I never release a cdr without taking these steps. Errors on a downloaded 
iso are fairly frequent, at least for me using dialup in 8 hour bursts. 
Errors on the burnt cdr afterward are rather less frequent but do happen 

Bob Parker

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