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Re: Ugly fonts in Mozilla

Thus spoke Tom Allison <tallison@tacocat.net>
( Tue, 06 May 2003 22:04:20 -0400 ):

> I log in today after a shutdown (happens periodically) and now I
> have only these really ugly fonts available under Mozilla.  And
> under a number of other applications as well: X-chat, gaim. 

i'm having the same trouble, starting today as well.  all GTK apps i
can find as well as mozilla are now using much larger, more pixelated
fonts.  the exception is sylpheed, which uses the ugly large fonts for
most things, but a much smaller (just as ugly) font for *bold*.  it's
downright unpleasant.

i'm running testing, updated daily.  i think i remember a recent GTK
update, but no font updates.

> I've not clue where to even begin looking for these font problems.
> But I'm not clueless, per se.

my situation exactly :)  i haven't seen this problem before.



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