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Re: mkisofs and boot image


On Mon May 05, 2003 at 09:16:17AM -0700, Kris wrote:
> Tom the floppy I mention below is a floppy made from the mkboot command.  Is this floppy suposed to be an image.  Kris

I don't know mkboot. All I know is following: To create a bootable CDROM
you need to specify a bootable floppy image when you run mkisofs.  A
floppy image is a file which holds the whole filesystem of the floppy as
an image. See it as the pendant to an iso image but only 1.44/2.88MB ;-)

So if mkboot creates a bootable floppy you can copy the floppy to
harddisk and use it to create the bootcd.

so long

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