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Re: exim config rewrite problems

    "Rex" == Rex Chan <char@cse.unsw.edu.au> writes:

    Rex> However, after editing the /etc/email-addresses and
    Rex> uncommenting the rewrite section of exim.conf, i found that
    Rex> the rewrite doesn't work. using exim -brw localuser@mymachine
    Rex> never gets rewritten to mymailaccount@myisp.

That is because exim is probably not trying to rewrite
localuser@mymachine at all. Take a look at the top of your exim.conf
file and see what your qualify_domain is set to. For example, if it is
cse.unsw.edu.au then localuser@localhost would be qualified to
localuser@cse.unsw.edu.au by exim. Exim will then try to rewrite

The standard exim.conf produced by exim.conf gets all this right. Take
another shot at it! If you don't trust me look in my headers and tell
me what you don't like ;-)


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