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Re: Can anyone recommend ...

On Sunday 04 May 2003 16:00, Dave Selby wrote:
> I have written my web site, full off GIFs because I need transparencys +
> broad browser support, I know its illegal to put it on the web since it
> a commercial site so I need some pukka GIF software to load and
> re-compress my images and make them legal .. a pain or what !  ....
> I think Namo web editor would do the job, £65 and I am prepared to buy
> it ... but its windows ....
> Apparently they are porting it to linux but no idea when ...
> Can anyone recommed any Linux software which is GIF "certified" I
> realise I will have to pay for it !

The legal issue with GIF images is the compression itself, and AFAIK (IANAL 
and whatever else may apply here) reading the files is pretty much legal. And 
until the suckers at the EUPTO have made up their minds about software 
patents sometime next week, there's nothing stopping you from using them.

You could use convert from the imagemagick package. It can read GIF, write PNG 
and is pretty good for bulk conversions. The "pain" part would be to replace 
the graphics filenames in the web site code itself, but I guess a sed 
one-liner could do that with a little thought. If you want to avoid that, you 
could write the GIFs uncompressed, but I have to admit that I don't have a 
clue how to do that.

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