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Re: backporting uw-imapd

> Btw, I already maintain a backport of uw-imapd at
> http://www.braincells.com/open/

Which is great. I checked it out and thanks for the fine job. I used the
src .deb to build the c-client.a lib (I didn't have all the pieces
needed to build the entire package, and anyway I don't need it) with a
little hacking. Then I was able to use the lib to build Mail::Cclient
against it (==Perl module for connecting to various mailbox formats and
IMAP servers). Yes, I think this module is available from Debian but
this way I got a very up-to-date build against very recent UW code and
know exactly what other libs it was built against. It tests 100%-passed
on `make test'. So your package was very helpful to me (albeit in an
indirect kind of way).

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