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Re: Problems with sound

On Sat, May 03, 2003 at 10:23:44AM +1000, Rex Chan wrote:

> Ok, I've checked the output plugin and oss is being used.
> The other options don't generate sound.
> No other programs are using /dev/dsp.
> Could it be I'm using the wrong sound module?

Before you try debugging this in xmms, you might want to cat a .au file to
/dev/dsp ... If that makes noise, you know your basic sound drivers are
working, and the problem is somewhere higher up the chain of command (xmms
output plugin broken?  dunno)...  
If 'cat'ing a .au to /dev/dsp does *not* make noise, don't worry about xmms
until after you get your actual sound drivers working.
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