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wtf happened to my fonts?

i have been having a nightmare this evening. (un)happily chugging
along the work stack, my workstation suddenly freezes. upon
rebooting, it turns out that X doesn't want to start anymore (due to
grsecurity denying /dev/kmem writes). it was running all the time,
and i don't recall updating the kernel...

so now, 2 hours later, i am finally back in X, but it looks
horrible. the fonts are now terribly rasterised, xbuffy has
a totally different font than before, gtk apps look disgusting, and
i am clueless...

before, the fonts were really nice, smooth, and a pleasure to look
at. now it looks like a 1980 atari. nothing against 1980 ataris.

does anyone have a clue what happened?

here is a quick rundown of what i did:

i have an nvidia card, so i had to compile a custom driver and all.
when X failed to start, and i mysteriously couldn't recompile
a kernel, i chose to boot the 2.4.18-bf24 kernel still on there from
the installation.

in order to make X work, i changed the XF86Config-4 file to use the
vesa driver rather than nvidia, and to use 16 rather than 24 bit
colour. i also remove the nvidia-glx package.

when the new kernel ran again, i undid the above changes. that was
all. and now i am confused. please, someone tell me what's up...

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