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Re: Favorite anti-spam tool

on Thu, 01 May 2003 11:52:18PM -0700, Paul Johnson insinuated:
> On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 12:02:34PM -0400, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> > cool -- i just bound a mutt macro to '|/usr/bin/sa-learn --file
> > --ham', and put in a cron job to sa-learn my spamfolder as such
> > every morning.  that should train it pretty well, and without too
> > much hassle!
> Don't do this, since it's not impossible that non-spam ends up in
> your spam folder.  This method is very likely to pollute your
> filter.

nope -- i have to acknowledge that it's spam first, by un-newing it.
the cron job only goes throug the cur/ folder of junk/, not the new/

> Instead, let the autolearner do it's job.  The default thresholds
> are far enough out that I've never seen false negatives or false
> positives.  

for the learning, you mean?

> At the very least, pipe your false positives through spamassassin -k
> and all your spam through spamassassin -r

cool; thanks for the suggestion.


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