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KDE puzzler

My system (x86 Woody kept updated and upgraded) just locked.  Mouse pointer 
was move-able.  Clicks no longer worked.  Keyboard input no longer worked.

Konqueror seems to be the culprit.  Occasionally Konq flakes out and I'll 
logout of KDE and log back in and things go back to normal.  This time, 
things got a little out of hand.

FYI, I am running without a sound card.  KDE says sound driver will continue 
using null device.

Can I get some help with strategy and tactics to track, locate and isolate 
the problem?  99.99% of what I do is KMail, Konq, and xterms.  Any and all 
help appreciated.  Googling has produced more hits than I can use.  
Mike M.

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