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RE: Wi-Fi hotspot

Hi folks,

> We are thinking in setup a free wi-fi hotspot using Debian.
> The only restriction is: User must acess a specific web site 
> (our sponsor
> site to be more specific) to be able to start naviganting the web.

We're building up the same thing here right now, using an LinkSys Acess Point and a dedicated Woody box. I've already set up Squid as a transparent proxy with the iptables to track down every http traffic and loop it to the webcache port, works really great together with DHCP, because there is no need for Joe on the street to configure anything.

But now I'm stuck with the tricky bits, I want to push specific pages (commercials and the like) to a specific hosts when they next click on any link after a period of time. The user will then have to click a button on that page and can continue to surf for another couple of minutes, when the next page is forced. I fiddled a bit with SquidGuard, but I'm not sure that's the right approach, I need to get the whole thing together with MAC adresses or the like.

Does anyone have a clue how to do something like that? For a start it would be enough to have static intervalls for every host, like say every 10 Minutes or so...

*pheew* made a short story quite long, sorry :)

thanx anyway,

- Erik -

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