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Re: backporting uw-imapd

David Fokkema said:

> Great, :-). Let me rephrase: how do I disable unencrypted, plaintext
> passwords speeding over my network?

what I do is use sslwrap and xinetd

using xinetd I tell it to bind the IMAP service to

then I use sslwrap to wrap TCP/993 and point it to

works good.

infact I do the opposite on my zaurus, with stunnel. I don't have
an IMAPS capable client on the zaurus so I have stunnel, and
told stunnel to redirect localhost:993 to my imap server on 993,
and it works good :)

going the sslwrap route may be less complicated and faster to
setup. I've used sslwrap with cyrus imap and pop for more then
2 years now with no problems.


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