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Re: galeon mail handler

Elimar Riesebieter <riesebie@lxtec.de> writes:
> I am running galeon 1.3.4 backported from sid to sarge.
> How to make a mail-handler work. File -> Send link doesn`t find mutt
> ore something.

I'm mostly running a Gnome 2.x desktop from unstable and I don't know
what's in testing, but what I do is bring up Nautilus (start-here:///)
then go to "Desktop Preferences->Advanced->File types and
programs". In there, under "Internet Services" I added a service
called "EMail Handler", Protocol: mailto, Program: mhandler.sh.

I had to write a shell script because I need to invoke an emacs lisp
function that required quotes and so when I put %s inside those quotes
Galeon wouldn't expand the %s. Anyway, mutt is probably more
straightforward and you can use it directly in "Program". Something

        Program: mutt %s

The trick was to do it through Gnome, not directly within Galeon.


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