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useless lpstat output

My main print server has about 70 print queues (CUPS) whose names are up
to 20 characters long. My problem is that it is very difficult to
extract job numbers from the ouput of lpstat or lpq

With lpstat it's damn near impossible:

TNUAChar_USCSurgSched   UHG\pjh000       24576   Thu May  1 15:32:20 2003

The job number gets truncated right off

with lpq, the username gets truncated, but there is not even a space in
between the columns:

active  UHG\dkc070386   smbprn.006852.7uAjlV            124928 bytes

which I guess means I could use position, but that just seems tacky. I
have tried the old standby of prefixing the commands with COLUMNS=500
but no love.

Does anyone have an idea of how to make the output of these commands
more usable?


Mark Roach

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