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Re: Sound card recommendations for basic music composition?

Hi.  Thanks very very much for your reply.

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003 02:16:10 -0700
Roy Pluschke <rjplus@sunshine.net> wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 17:15:10 -0400
> Chris Metzler <cmetzler@speakeasy.net> wrote:
>> For instance, I've noticed a lot of people here suggest the
>> Soundblaster Live! set of cards; but both the OSS and ALSA hardware
>> support pages seem to say that the EMU10k1 wavetable synth on the card
>> isn't supported yet under either set of drivers.  I know (I think)
>> that that's the purpose of tiMIDIty -- to provide a software solution
>> by faking the wavetable synth -- but I've read online that it's very
>> limited (in instruments, sound quality, etc.).
> Your information seems a little dated.
> I use the soundblaster live. ALSA does support the wavetable synth!!

Oh, this is good, I'm really glad to read this.  I looked again at the
OSS and ALSA driver notes and can see now that I conflated them for
some reason; the OSS driver notes say that the wavetable synth isn't
supported ( http://www.opensound.com/readme/README.SBLive.html ), while
the ALSA driver notes indicate that the MIDI interface isn't working
properly ( http://tinyurl.com/aq8x ).  I don't have any need for
external MIDI support at this point; but it wouldn't hurt to have
it.  Your email notes that

> My midi keyboard also works :)

which suggests that the ALSA docs are out of date here, and that MIDI
support is working OK; so I wanted to confirm that with you?

> Timidity isn't limited at all -- look on the net for better timidity
> patches eg. eawpats. They can be quite large 24 - 36 megs but give even
> better sound than the 8 meg soundfont that comes with the card. To run
> timidity as a synth I use"timidity -Os -iA -B8,8 &" which works great on
> my pIII 450 with noteedit.

This too is good to hear.  I've just been playing with the eawpats set,
thanks for the tip.


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