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Re: Lyx to pdf

Bijan Soleymani (bijan@psq.com) wrote:

> >   Am I missing a package that lets me export to pdf from
> > within lyx?  Alternately, is there a better latex editor that will go
> > straight to a latex formatted pdf or ps file?
> I recommend writing latex directly by hand. It's really not that
> difficult. The main difficulty is the incredible lack of
> documentation. But google and mailing lists should be enough to get
> started. If not try some local libraries.
> I use the emacs editor with the preview-latex package. You write the
> latex code and you can get the preview of equations and graphics. It
> is similar to LyX with the benefit that you are really working with
> latex.

If the OP really does decide to start writing his own LaTeX code, I suggest
Kile.  It's part of KDE, so there are some library requirements, but I don't
recall them really being all that huge.  It's nice to help you get the hang
of things, too, since it has a few wizards and whatnot that can lay out some
basic documents.

Jason Wojciechowski

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