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Re: Favorite anti-spam tool

on Thu, 01 May 2003 01:48:59PM +0100, Colin Watson insinuated:
> On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 09:21:20PM -0400, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> > Cool, I just upgraded to 2.53, and it seems better.  Can someone
> > explain to me how a Bayesian filter would work in a static
> > context?  Does it train itself based on the threshold you provide?
> > My impression (though this could be wrong, as I've only ever used
> > spamassassin) is that on other commonly-used Bayesian spamfilters,
> > you have to manually train it on x number of emails before it
> > learns what you consider spam and what you don't.  How does
> > spamassassin -- which is procmail-based -- train itself?
> You can train it by hand using sa-learn. If you don't, it
> auto-learns based on its own scores: anything below
> auto_learn_threshold_nonspam (default -2.0) gets auto-learned as
> ham, and anything above auto_learn_threshold_spam (default 15.0)
> gets auto-learned as spam. You see 'autolearn=ham' or
> 'autolearn=spam' in the headers when this happens, so you can
> correct it with sa-learn if need be.

as i mentioned in a different post, i just added the mutt macro

'|/usr/bin/sa-learn --file --ham'

to my .muttrc.  i just tried it on a false positive i got, but got the

Learned from 0 messages.
Press any key to continue...

did i do it wrong?  this is what the manpage seems to suggest, and
leaving out the --file flag doesn't work.  i want to be able to do
this on a message-by-message basis -- is that not possible, or am i
just doing this wrong?



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