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Re: Confused state of my system

On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 11:26, Haines Brown wrote:
> > One of my systems is console-only and it's happily functional.
> Yes, I sometimes work by logging into the console, and it really works
> out fine.
> But I'd like to recall the question. I've heard that people have run X
> without any desktop manager (no gnome, KDE, ximian, etc.) and relied

Note that Ximian *is* Gnome made easy to install and upgrade.  Note that
Debian makes it just as easy to upgrade Gnome.

> instead on a window manager and creating panels on which some useful
> applets are placed, such as a desktop switcher, window list, clock,
> etc.
> I'm migrating from RH8.0 to Debian stable, and so wonder about the
> potential for doing this under Debian. Is a desktop manager really
> necessary? Can one build a panel without it and run a window manager?
> If so, what are the preferred applications?

The window manager Xfce4 allows you to have a configurable panel.

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