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Newbie X Problem - get small 1/2 screen instead of full screen on monitor.

Good morning,

I've recently installed the 'current' Stable version... and am having a problem with X configuration.

The box is an old 200 mhz Compac DeskPro with a
Diamond Stealth 64 Video - S3 Vision 968 VRAM video card[4 meg V-RAM]
and a
CTX VL-700 monitor [ I searched for Specs but got conflicting info]
Horiz= 30-70  Vert-50-160 seems to work but....

The problem is
when /I log in to the box with X Windows
the useable screen is physically one half
of the monitor's actual vertical screen height...
/I apparently am seeing only the 'extreme lower left part of the desktop image'

I remember having this problem years ago with a RedHat box but I
can't remember what I did to fix it.

I'd appreciate it if someone can give me some help.
Many-Many thanks in advance

John Kennedy

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