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Re: Disk Partitioning ? From a Newbie

Irish, Jon D BAE SYSTEMS wrote:

Hi All,
I just read through the Linux Partition HowTo, but I must have missed something. I have a 40GB IDE drive that I would like to partition multiple times instead of using the basic swap, boot, rest-of-drive scheme. After reading the documentation, I thought that I would try to partition it with partitions for: BOOT, SWAP, /, VAR, USR, TMP, and HOME. I tried numerous permutations of using Primary and Logical partitions, but after initializing the SWAP and / partition, I always get Mount Failed: Invalid Argument messages for the rest of the partitions. I am doing the partitioning with cfdisk. I have tried the following scenarios with no luck:

SWAP = Primary, All Others = Logical
SWAP = Primary, / = Primary, All Others = Logical
SWAP = Primary, / = Primary, /boot = Primary, All Others = Logical

Obviously, I am not grasping a very key concept here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jon D. Irish

I believe / and /boot need to be primary, and I always make my swap primary, and the others logical (since IDE drives can only have a max of four primaries).

You don't say if you're doing this from another Linux distro or from the installation routine, or what.

Before mounting them, the partitions need to be initialized (mkfs /dev/hda1, etc). Perhaps you're missing this step?


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