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Question About ipmasq

I am in the process of setting up a computer to serve as a firewall between my network and the internet. Thus far I have assembled a system with two ethernet cards, installed Woody from a CD set purchased a year ago and built a 2.4.18 kernel according to the instructions in the latest release of the IP-Masquerading-HOWTO. At this point the system is a stand alone computer that has never seen the internet.

Question: How to do security updates and install ipmasq-3.5.10 without any chance of contaminating the firewall system. Can I use apt-get install ipmasq on this computer with a 2.4.20 kernel and an uptodate testing distribution, edit the scripts and transfer them to the future firewall via a cd or is thare a way to configure the firewall computer so it can listen to nothing but a debian mirror and then connect it to the internet to download the updates and packages needed?

Tom George

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